In-Class and In-Car Instruction

Our in-depth in-class instruction contains all the instruction new drivers need to prepare them for responsibility behind the wheel. In class we have a low teacher/student ratio which provides for a quality learning environment. Each student receives a workbook as an integral part of our in-class instruction. In car our instructor teaches one-on-one with a dual controlled car. Students experience real driving situations firsthand and learn how to be proactive and safely reactive. Our sessions include:

- Problem Solving Assignments

- Defensive Driving Skills

- Emergency Manoeuvers

- How to Avoid a Head-On Collision

- Rear Crash Avoidance

- Emergency Braking and Swerving

- Driving under Adverse Driving Conditions

- Freeway (401) and Highway Driving

- Risk Perception

- Responsible Driving

- Winter Driving

- Driving at Night

- Lane Changing

- Backing Technique

- Parallel Parking, Hill Parking and Three-Point-Turn

- One Way Streets

- City Driving

- Car Maintenance

- and much more